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WhatsApp Messenger Download App

WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE Messaging App Available For Android And Other Smartphones WhatsApp Uses Your Phones Internet Connection 4G/3G/2G/EDGE Or Wi-Fi, As Available To let You Message And Call Friends And Family Switch From SMS To WhatsApp To Send And Receive Messages, Calls, Photos, Videos, Documents, And Voice Messages.

Free WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp Messenger is A Cross Platform Smartphone Messenger That Works under iPhone Android Symbian BlackBerry And Windows Phone Systems Easy Instant Messaging Between Users Of Different Phone Systems And International Carriers is One Of WhatsApp Messenger’s Main Features With An Easy to use Interface Users Can Also Create A Group Conversation with Several Contacts If you Are away The Application Records your offline Messages so That you can Read Them later on In Addition users are also Able to Send And Receive Multimedia files  including Videos, Images, And Even Voice Notes Since The App Operates like An SMS Exchange And Uses Phone Numbers Integrated From The Users Address Book it Requires Neither Pins Nor Usernames The Application Also Allows Users To Block Contacts Share Their Locations Keep Track Of email Histories Personalize Notification Sounds And Many Other Features

WhatsApp for PC

Normally, The Popular Messaging App WhatsApp Is Only Used On mobile Devices Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry, However With The Brand-New PC And Mac Version Of The App, you can finally use it from your desktop! All you need to do is simply install the WhatsApp program so you can chat with your friends straight from your Mac or Windows PC. Although it seems to work well so far, it is far from perfect.

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WhatsApp Uses Your Phone Internet Connection 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi As Available To Let You Message And Call Friends And Family So Dont Have To Pay For Every Message Or call

  • Multimedia : Send and Receive Photos, Videos, Documents, And Voice Messages
  • -Free Calls : WhatsApp Calls Use Your Phone’s Internet Connection Rather Than Your Cellular Plans Voice minutes Data Charges May Apply Contact Your Provider For Details Also, you can’t Access 911 And Other Emergency Service Numbers Through WhatsApp
  • -Group Chat : Enjoy Group Chats with Your Contacts So You Can Easily Stay in Touch With Your Friends Or Family
  • – Say No To Usernames And Plns :Why Bother Having To Remember Yet Another Username Or PIN WhatsApp Works With Your Phone Number, just like SMS, And Integrates Seamlessly With Your Phones Existing Address Book
  • -Always LoggedIn : With WhatsApp Youre Always Logged In So You Dont Miss Messages No more Confusion About Whether Youre logged in or logged out
  • -Qulckly Connect With Your Contacts : Your Address Book is Used To Quickly And Easily Connect You With Your Contacts Who Have WhatsApp So Theres No Need To Add Hard To Remember Usernames
  • -Offline Messages: Even If You Miss Your Notifications Or Turn Off Your Phone, WhatsApp will Save Your Recent Messages Until The Next Time You Use The App.
  • -And Much More : Share Your Location, Exchange Contacts, Set Custom Wallpapers And Notification Sounds, Email Chat History, Broadcast messages To Multiple Contacts At once