India captain Virat Kohli has said he will play the fourth and deciding Test against Australia in Dharamsala only if 100% fit. Kohli, who suffered a shoulder injury during the third Test in Ranchi, said he would undergo another fitness test and take a call later on Friday night or on Saturday morning, the first day of the Test.
On Thursday, India had called up Mumbai batsman Shreyas Iyer to the squad as cover for Kohli. The series is level 1-1 after Australia won the first Test, India the second, and the third was drawn.
I hope Virat is fit to play. This test series deserves to be decided with as many of the best players from both countries playing as possible. It’s already a pity Starc is injured. That’s no disrespect Shreyas or Pat, Pat bowled awesome (was actually playing street cricket with my son only a couple month’s ago for something related to breast cancer) and from all reports Shreyas is gonna be top notch. I just don’t want any ‘if he was playing’ excuses from either side once the dust settles. Good luck tomorrow to both teams. Go Australia!
After averaging 9.25 this seriea … the perfect excuse to stay out plus d blame is on who ever who captaina this match of india loose the series
This is a smoke screen. No way Kohli puts out a statement like this if he is actually not going to play. Team India is not exactly known for being forthcoming with such kind of information with the media. Just an attempt to mislead the Aussies.
Yeh. He’s feeling the pressure and looking for an excuse!
Yeah right sir in your book he is isnt he?Does that matter? Him being in the field is enough to get India win as he charges every one up. He is the captain not just a player any more. Despite injuries he was there in the field because it meant a lot to him. His poor show with bat does pose the problem but isnt he the same man who has scored 4 double hundreds in consecutive series. Aussies should hope he is not back among runs like he always is. I feel that this is the first time that he has failed to back his words and they have got the oppurtunity to bash him. Enjoy it while it lasts guys.
Hard to know with Kohli. I hope he plays but we have already seen how this team is cagey about injuries to try to keep the visitors guessing. I do not for a minute think he would miss the chance to win the series even if only 80% fit.
He deserves a rest, but lets hope he finishes the home season on a good note with a win and a ton !!!Kohli

“I’ve not done anything special so far [in the series], but still the guys have fought it out and that shows why we are the number one team in the world. We have quality players who want to step up given these kinds of opportunities and you know, if that scenario happens, I’m sure everyone’s looking at it as probably the game-changing game of their lives. It’s how you look at a particular situation. So everyone’s looking very optimistic for tomorrow’s game regardless.”

Conditions in Dharamsala, given its altitude and weather, are expected to favour the quicker bowlers more than they have done at any of the other three venues during this series. Kohli expected the pitch to bring all facets of the game into play.

“I think it is a very good cricket wicket,” he said. “It has always been very good for the batsmen to get in and get value for their shots. And the bowlers as well, there is good bounce for the spinners, there is obviously good pace off the wicket for the quicks as well. If you do any discipline well, you can reap rewards on this kind of wicket. And the ball travels in the air also.

“I think it’s an opportunity for bat and ball both to dominate in different situations in the game. It will certainly test the players to the fullest, but as I said it is a very good cricketing wicket and good cricket should be on display on this wicket.”